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Piedra Decorativa Catart


CatArt's production is based on a refined manufacturing process and the use of first class raw materials. We use marble stones of excellent physical characteristics and singular beaty extracted from subterranean quarries located in the massif of Montseny in north-eastern Spain. These raw materials and our refined production process, with each piece crafted by the hands of skilled sculptors in order to achieve a perfect finishing, allow us to offer products of excellent quality to our customers.


Stone is a noble material and its use in decorativa arts is synonym for elegance. CatArt has developed a variety of aestetic product lines ranging from classical tradition to modern designs and from the original to the practical. All our products stand out for their elegant desing based on simple lines and fine materials.

Artistic Tradition

CatArt was born in 1990 in "La Garrotxa" a mountainous area that can be called the heart of the Catalan sculptural tradition. Twenty years later, we continue developing new creations thanks to the confidence of our customers. Our daily efforts and the dynamism of our company allow keeping our creations in constant evolution. Thanks to our customer fidelity and our dedication to quality we have been able to get positioned as sector leaders in our country and to keep our exportations to such demanding markets as France, Italy or Germany in steady growth.

Timeless Beauty

Artistic stone creatin goes back to ancient times, when humans began to cut stone in order to create tools for defence and survival. Over the decades humanity improved its skills captivating our fascination these days.

CatArt is completely aware of the timeless beauty of sculptured stone and therefore we stay faithful to its essence, what can be observed in each piece we offer in our catalogue.